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There's many places to surf on this tiny beautiful island. From beach brakes suitable for beginners to reef brakes with long heavy waves. From famous spots to secret ones those Sri Lankan waves won't let you down.

I chose to have my second lesson in a beautiful surfers village called Midigama. Actually it was 10 minutes from there. In Welligama.
Please Do not freak out from those weird names I just mentioned, soon you'll get the full guide for surfing the south east island of Sri Lanka.

When I got to Sri Lanka I've heard my friend Omer is surfing down south in a place called Midigama, I decided to delay my flight and to join him and his lovely girlfriend in this chilled small surfers village. It was one of the best decisions I've had so far in my journey. This place is magic. People that go there are mostly surfers, they are cool with the right vibe. They came to surf. They'll go to sleep early for an early morning surf. They'll gather, sing and play guitar after the sunset session and rest between sessions on the beach. They'll walk barefoot to the market to get some local food and drink some beers before going to bed.
Midigama has spot for every surfer.
The surfing season in Midigama starts in November and ends in April.
Water temp is mostly 28
And air temp is mostly 30

Where to stay-
The perfect spot in midigama to stay is Rams place. It won't be the cheapest, but it will be cheap enough in order to have the best spot. It will allow you to open your eyes and watch the waves from the balcony. Have a session, eat on the beach still watching the waves and paddle out again from the table.
From the balcony of Rams guest house you can view both lazy left and rams spot.
The sunsets are incredible and in between sessions all the surfers rest and dine by the patio, eating rice&curry and fruits.

If your looking for the best budget option CHENYU guest house is the place for you. It's located directly across the road from Rams surf point. It's home stay style accomodation run by an amazing Sri Lankan family. They also do the best fruit juices (try the avocado) and breakfast in midigama.

Where to eat after the surf-
My favorite spot is coffee point. It's a coffee shop run by Michelle (Mysa) a girl from Czech republic and her boyfriend Shaggy, a local pro surfer and instructor.
They have the best muesli and coffee in Sri Lanka, and for the chocoholic ones they have a very sweet and spoiling pancake or waffle. The cafe garden is Mysas personal design which reflects a bohemian style.
You can try your luck on the slack-line and probably get addicted... Or just chill in those very comfy seats and polish coconuts while waiting for your feed.
Coffee point Midigama

Few more places you can find on the same road between rams place to the coffee point. There's Big mama rice&curry buffet for cheap local food. (Ask around everybody knows. But don't you der call big mama -'big mama')
And if you're in the mood for an Israeli Shakshuka -my friends Omer and Lahav thought the guy in the restaurant that has a balcony their secret recipe, go check it out.

Lets cut the bulshit and surf!

The first spot from north is KABALANAS (the rock)
15 min tuk tuk ride from midigama directly in front of the Kabalana hotel. It's an A-frame though the left is longer very good walls occasional barrels. Best at incoming tide and it can break up to 7 ft

Midigama left / LAZY LEFT
This spot is for beginners and longboards (when I say beginners I mean beginners with some experience..) it's braking on top of deep reef and can get up to 6 ft.

just In front of Ram's place guesthouses, it's a shallow reef break, that breaks to a short-but-very-fast-and-hollow right.

Located at the southern end of midigama a mellow right hander braking over reef. Can get crowded but holds up on big swells.

Beginners and longboarders paradise. Also worth checking out when theres a big swell or everythings blown out. A lot of instructors, surfboard rentals, and surf camps all over the beach.
Surf board rental 500 rp. Try to get a deal if u're renting everyday.

Mirissa has a well protected right hand reef break.
Arugam Bay AKA A-bay is an awesome spot from May till October. Working from 3ft and reach up to 8ft. Highly recommend to make friends with the locals. Shaggy and Mysa from coffee point Midigama will be there when the season comes...
You can find many secret surf spots along the way. Check it out.

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