Wednesday, April 30, 2014


La bohem de la surfers.
With spots for all surfers levels. With good restaurants, sweet cafes, good cheap waroongs, Canggu is the new east-meets-west-surfers-town.
The area of "Jalan pantai Batu Bolong" ("the street of Batu Bolong beach" which is also the beginners spot), is full of art, green views, cool coffee shops, and beautiful people. 
The-laid-back-vibe and the comfortableness-of-having-everything-avalable-as-a-western-person, but the fact you can still feel the eastern-Balinese-roots, will make you consider moving there...
And in the mather of fact, there's a lot of young artists and families doing that.
Pack your swimsuit, because its everything u'll need!

Agung homestay
My number-one-accommodation-place in canggu.
Thank for Ibu and Made, the most adorable hosts,
Thank for the most amazing panoramic view from the balcony,
Thank for the amazing-convenient-brand-new-rooms including air-con, huge bed, hot shower and nice a balcony,
Thank for the satisfying breakfast,
Thank for the fridge full of water, beer (and more) available (for sale),
And thank for the nice and easy vibe,
Moreover, it will make you stay even longer (ask my homie Rudi...)

For families, I've heard there's a really cool place called the chill out. They have surf and yoga lessons, well designed rooms and a cool staff.

Dandelion waroong
Gani, the wonderful owner, who designed everything by himself, from this beautiful wood structure and the wonderful garden full of medical herbs to the last detail in the menus ingredients...
He will love to cook for you the most healthy and tasty meal with the freshest materials and the greatest combinations.
What makes it even more awesome is the cheap price.
When you pop up there make sure u send my love to this wonderful surfer-traveller-Indo guy.
And don't forget to try one of the smoothies or the DJAMU (an Indonesian old medicine juice made out of medical herbs and goods)

Dandelion waroong
Jalan batu bolong no. 10
(it's hard to miss the beautiful wood stractcher. Next to Mila waroong)

There's a lot of cheap good waroongs in the area.
Just look them up.

Oka bakery
Name it they have it!
From white simple bread to a yummy-ginger-cinnamon-raisin bread and even black rice bread or gluten free breads.
If you are a bread person (like me), you should deffenatly check it out.

French Patisserie & Boulangerie
Monsieur Spoon
Canggu can be so comfortable and western that you'll find yourself having a crave for a French treat.
For all the chocoholic and sweet lovers out there, and for those who knows to appriciate a well baked Cruason (...And for the bread lovers as well)
A real French corner in the middle of Bali. 

If you want to do some shopping and buy yourself the greatest surfers outfit, or just a swimsuit,
If you want to buy a custom motorbike or a custom surfboard,
If you want to have a meal, a cold drip for the way or just a really good coffee,
If you want to have a proper surfers party on Sunday night
Or if u just in the mood to try your skateboard on the ramp
Deus is the place for you.
My question is what they don't have in this awesome place...
Don't miss out this perfect massive place with its beautiful green back yard for sunset jam sessions on Sunday night.
Between the rice paddies on the Main Street.

Cafe canteen
Well designed, with special food and great coffee.
Branch will be perfect for that.
And if I'm not wrong, they also have accommodation in the back.
Crate cafe
My favorite cafe spot.
When I arrived they just open up and unfortunatly I didn't had a lot of time to hang out there.
The most beautiful unique people do come here.
The coffee is great and not expansive.
You would love the bohemian vibe, the perfect staff and the cool owner.
On the main road, In front of Deus

Cafe-bistro-bar on the beach
Old Man's
My office, as I call this place.
Well, most people would kill to call this place 'their office'.
Having a coffee, watching the waves and then jump into the water, Then come back, wash yourself, chill in the sun with a cold coffee, jump into the water again for a sunset session, and have a good feed after the surf.
Perfect vibe, staff and music.
U will find yourself easily spending the day there and even stay for a drink when it gets dark.
There's a great market sometimes and even live bands.
Check the posters that hanged in the toilets and over the main road.
Old man's
Right on the beach.

Echo Beach
So many fresh fishes and steaks, choose your favorite from the display and when you'll finish pack your plate with salads veggies and carbs from the buffet, your order will get to your table.
With the waves lighted by huge lights you'll have the greatest dinner to enrich your iron and vitamins.
Echo beach

Canggu is full of Bohemia.
Photographers, bands, models, writers and more makes the vibe even more interesting.
The coolest thing is -they are all surfers!
So here is a couple of amazing photographers from canggu and another one from the area.
Michelle and Miriam are based in canggu and I met them there.
They are gifted with beauty and talent.
Stay tuned to their websites, Instagram and projects.

Canggu main spot
it's a right and left fun wave (lefts are better), over a rocky reef.
It’s a fast wave so I won't recommend for beginners.
Best tides are mid to high.
It's easy to access, there's a parking lot and a waroong.
There's also few fancy hotels located right on the spot.
It's not a secret spot so you will have some company and locals (respect them).
Better to surf at noon and beware from a strong wind.

Batu Bolong - Old Man's
A long wide black sand beach, which has a fat-friendly wave spot named Old Man's. Longboarders, Beginners and SUPers LOVE this long nice wave. It can be crowded, but there's enough space and waves for everyone. Better on mid to high tide. There are some big sets as far as you puddle. Its super easy to access, many cafes and waroongs on the beach and lots of parking (Don’t pay them!)
*highly reccomended for beginners*

south of Canggu and Old man's you can find Berawa which have mostly writes and some lefts on high tide.
good for intermediates.

Fancy and touristy.
If you're looking for a vacation with shopping, fancy restaurants, coffee shops, touristic beach and a lot of tourists everywhere
-you're in the right place.
If u'll ask me, I would go to have a dinner but won't even stay the night.
If you're staying in canggu, and the amount of restaurants there (which is big) is not enough for you, or if you just want to go for a 20 minutes drive..
which is the sushi place Ive already told you all about (in ubud recommendations) is my favorite place in seminyak (and also the only reason I really went there..)
Another restaurant and cafe is cafe Bali.
They have a big veraiety of food from all over the world, it's cheap, tasty and the design is so sweet.
If you are in the shopping mood - there's all the surfers brands there. Include Quicksilver&Roxi, Hurley,
and my favorite brand Insight!

Shopping food coffee alcohol and parties.
All in one, in the very beautiful Single fin uluwatu.
They have a stor in seminyak as well, but in uluwatu you can watch the surfers from the cliff, have a coffee and food, buy yourself a beautiful surfers piece and stay for the live sessions and parties on Sunday night.
It is a fancy place so don't expect it to be cheap.
The view is great though!

Ohhh balangan... I wish I could surf this paradise beach. Unfortunately, I'm a beginner, but for the pro's -I think it's one of the most greatest-hippie-laid-back beaches in Bali (which is hard to find this days...)
If you do go there, my beautiful spanish friend German, would love to host you in his amazing homestay Santai Villa.
It looks little bit fancy but it's not expansive at all!
(for what you get, and according to the BALI prices..)

If u're on a very very short budget, try the huts on the beach.
Between the surfs you can go to have a meal or just a fruit salad on the nice and tasty waroong "Risky". Probably in some point you'll meet German there.

Even if you're a beginner, I would recommend you to go there for the day or even stay for few days. Highly recommended to come on a big swell day in order to watch the pros and the long long left barrel over the dry reef.

***By the time I wrote this overall,
a disaster ruined beautiful Balangan beach.***
Please join German and the locals to rebuild this paradise by donating 

BALANGAN's Surf according to German

"Well, Balangan is a fast Wave, 3 Setions working The best with more Than 5feet,
first section: slow barrel, and some turns,
2th you need to get speed to go In
the 3th AS fast AS possible to get a long but shallow and dangerous amazing barrel.

In my opinion, low or medium Tide, high tide Normally is choppie."

הציטוטים של רודי או העולם על פי נמרוד הורוביץ

Dedicated to my Homie Rudi
My bro
My roomie
My Partner in crime
Canggu, Bali, Indo.


*חי את החלום סובל מהמציאות*

*שמעי אני אולי לא הכי יפה פה אבל אני היחידי שמדבר איתך*

*כל חור בלילה שחור רק ג׳ינג׳י מחזיר אור*

*יש שלוש דרכים להפסיד כסף:
1 בהימורים זה מהיר
2 עם נשים זה נעים
3 ובחקלאות זה בטוח*

*לך לנמלה עצל הבט בה ושב בצל*

*כפרה את נמשכת לחרא*

*לאכול מקדונלדס זו פעולה שוות ערך לאוננות מול אתר פורנו. זה נחמד זה כיף עד שזה נגמר ואז את מרגיש שעם קצת מאמץ היית משיג הרבה יותר*

*תן גז יא ברווז*

*ריי צ׳ארלס היה מנווט יותר טוב ממך*

*מי הלבישה אותך היום הלן קלר*

*חולצה יפה יש כזה גם לבנות?*

*דופק שני צ׳ילומים בהודו חושב הוא בוב מארלי*

*עייף כמו שחקנית פורנו אחרי סט צילומים בניגריה*

*ענבר: ״יאו איך אני אוהבת פחמימות עם ירקות״
נמרוד: ״אני רק חושב על זה עומד לי הזין״ עם מבט מאוכזב*

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

איזה אחלה עולם או סוף פרק צ׳אנגו

שקיעה מטורפת משגעת את העיניים שלי אחרי סשן ראשון עם גלשן קשה 7.6
האדרנלין שלי בשמיים.
הסרוטונין שוטף לי את התאים במוח ואני שותה קפה מול הנוף הפנורמי שבמרפסת שלנו ושומעת ״איזה אחלה עולם״ של גידי גוב ומאור כהן...
וגם קצת פורטיסהד...
באמת איזה אחלה עולם, חשבתי לעצמי.

ההום סטיי מתרוקן,
מארק ואמה עוזבים את ההום סטיי. לאו הברזילאי והחברים הגרמניים גם כבר עזבו. דימיטרי נפצע בתאונה עם האופנוע ולא יכול לגלוש וגם מחליט לעזוב לכמה זמן עד שיחלים.
רק רודי עוד שם...

אני גולשת שוב עם גלשן קשה 7.6, מתמודדת עם ים קשוח יותר מאתמול, ושפל ששולח אותי להשתפשף בריף.
רואה את הילדים הקטנים המגניבים שגולשים מלידה. מקנאה קצת וחולמת איך הילדים שלי יגדלו בין הגלים.

יום למחרת עשיתי סידורים למעבר ללומבוק,
לקחתי מונית-אופנוע (כן, באינדונזיה יש דבר כזה!) לכל היום.
התחלתי בשדה התעופה כדי לשלם לליאון אייר, חברת הצ׳ארטר שתקח אותי ללומבוק (אי אחר באינדונזיה).
משם עברתי במשרד ההגירה כדי לאסוף את הויזה שהוארכה והפספורט שלי, ונסעתי לראות את הגולשים המנוסים נכנסים לתופת של 10 פיט באולווואטו ובלאנגן.
שתיתי קפה בסינגל פין, אולווואטו, בית-קפה-מסעדה-בר-חנות-עם-בגדי-גלישה-שבא-למות, צופה בגלים העצומים ובגולשים שיש להם אומץ מעורר הערצה.
המשכתי לבלאנגן. החוף הכל כך שלו הזה. הסתובבתי על החוף וצפיתי בגולשים. כנכנסתי לשטוף את עצמי במים, האוקיינוס גנב לי את הטבעת לרגל שהכנתי באובוד.
זה דיי ביאס אותי, אבל ידעתי שלפני שאטוס לאוסטרליה אעבור באובוד אצל וואיאן, הבחור אצלו הכנתי את הטבע ואכין חדשה.
היו לי כמה שעות של לבד וזה היה מדהים.

הרגשתי שמיציתי את צ׳אנגו. שאני חייבת לצאת להרפתקה. שאני מוכנה להרפתקה. שאני צריכה לצאת מאיזור הנוחות המטריף הזה שזמין בצ׳אנגו...

עוזבת את אגונג הום סטיי. עוזבת את צ׳אנגו. עוזבת את באלי. עוזבת את הציביליזציה לטובת גלישה במקומות בתוליים ומרוחקים.