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There's few ways to experience this green-special-hippie-bohemian-town.
There's the touristic way, which is book yourself all the tours through the monkey forest, rice paddies, temples, coffee loak, and more-tourist-traps-they-offer. But, in my eyes, it's a waist of time.
I've been to Ubud for 10 days, and then came back for another 4 days, and I've never took any of those "days-trips". I did ended up going to the spring water temple and drank the coffee loak, and I can spare it from you.
Do it the locals way!
Wonder the streets, go for a walk in the rice paddies (it's not a problem, it's everywhere!), buy some Balinese goods, do a workshop of silver, chill in one of those great coffee shops, and inhale the inspiration that spreads in the air.
The scene
There's a scene of yoga-meditation-herbsjuices-raw-glutenfree-food.
there's some people think that if they'll come to ubud, drink those juices, eat that food, and do some courses of yoga and meditation at the Yoga Barn, they'll be unlighted. I'm sorry my friends. It won't happen. You'll need to work a lil bit harder then that.
That's, by the way, a reason ubud has some haters.
In my eyes(!!!)-
Herbal juices will be good for your body, but won't heal you.
Raw food is cool and tasty, but try to balance your diet with a dietician back home and not with a funny healer.
Gluten free is only for people that have celiac.
And about the yoga and meditation... I'm certainly sure the yoga barn do have the best teachers, and maybe it's worthwhile to go there, but for me, yoga it's for the soul, so I did yoga in my perfect Balinese balcony and never went to the "Yoga Barn"...

Bagus home-stay
The beautiful Balinese homestay, with rooms that I can actually call them appartmants. With huge balinese balcony, huge space, hot shower, coffee and tea, fridge, cleaning service, and incredible breakfast.
The location is perfect. 5-3 minutes walk from the palace, but inside a quite area.
The balinese family who owns the place is absolutely amazing. They will do everything for you.
Super recommended!
Jalan Suweta No.16, 80571 Ubud

Casa Luna
On the Main Street beautiful restaurant and cafe with a special food and atmosphere. My favorite spot is on the lower floor at the end near a view of green tropical plantations.
The coffee is amazing and the bread they bring from honeymoon bakery is great.
Wonderful jazz live shows on Sunday night.
Maybe the best coffee in town. They brew it and make cold drips as well. The food is amazing the design is cool and the music is kick-ass (as they say..)
Try to catch one of the coffee workshops or the coffee taster menu (3 or 5 deferent kinds of amazing coffee! Even alcoholic and iced one)

If you're up to really good coffee and you don't mind to pay the western price, Anomali has deferent kinds of coffee and they all Devine.
Freak coffee
Great great great coffee. Cool vibe and perfect for chilling in between a shopping spree or just a long wander in those streets.
Check out the cool shop next to it (also in 'shopping in ubud' part here)
19 Jalan hanoman

Coffee & food
Cafe lotus
The old known restaurant on the main road. The lotus pool will blow you away, but the coffee is not the best and the price is kind of high.
There's a big line outside for dinner (be prepared), so probably the food is good (or maybe just the p.r) but, I haven't tried...
Jalan raya ubud
Sweet place, the menu is healthy and the food is good (one local Australian girl told me about the beetroot salad..). The coffee is satisfying as well.
Jalan hanoman 
Coffee & art
Rio Helmi
My beloved Indo photographer friend. His place is awesome, the coffee is great!!! A bland rio mixed himself. The verity of food is worldwide, and they even have Sakshuka!
Between the bites and sips watch the breathtaking photos rio took around the world. /
Rio Helmi Photo Gallery and Cafe, Jalan Suweta 06b, Ubud 80571

Raw & healthy food
Didn't know about this place till my very last days in ubud so I never had the opportunity to sit inside and order something but the reviews from my friend were praising! I did visit the rawfood shop they have outside and they have amazing things there.
Bali Buddha
Before I left ubud on the first round, one girl told me about this shop, and on my second visit I went there only on my very last night.
Ohh god. Why didn't I know about this place on my first day?!
This shop is nature-shops-lovers PARADISE!
They have it ALL!!!
Includes great bakery!

My favorite restaurant in Bali so far.
same as a coffee hunter, I'm a sushi freak. And when I find a well price great quality sushi place I won't quit visiting. Everywhere I've been in Bali I went to have my sushi fix in one of their spots.
Highly recommend.
68 Jalan hanoman

Homemade goods
Kou cuisine
Sweet shop of jams and salt. Bought my mom some homemade goods and sent her a parcel, she was thrilled!
They have 2 shops in ubud and the prices are really good.
Buy your mom a gift!

Kus kus
Nice local shop. Yoga bags, bags, hats and cloths made out of those pieces of beautiful saroongs.
Jalan Dewi Sita
Goddess Central
Not cheap, but so beautiful. Most "gathering-girls" would love this shop!
JL. Monkey Forest, No. 12
Unique accessories and jewelries. East meets west in some way. Loved it.
Jalan Dewi Sita
Next to F.R.E.K coffee (check on the coffee recommendations), there's an awesome shop of "gathering" clothes. It's an Australian brand made in Bali (so I'm sorry I don't know where it suppose to be cheaper..).
They have AMAZING things, but unfortunately ate not cheap.
I thought it was worth it...
Next to FREAK coffee 19 Jalan hanoman
Press ban
Yes. It is expensive. I'm sorry. It really is. But they have some beautiful pieces. Maybe you'll find something you would like to spend the money on...
Jalan monkey forest
MD. Lastri
This amazing Balinese woman is working hard to sue (almost) everything. You would recognize this shop by those beautiful white tank tops boho style. They are quite cheap if you'll compare it to freepeople (an amazing boho-style brand in the US which offer similar things..). She also make to order.
Jalan raya ubud
Suen noaj
A brand you'll see in ubud quite a lot. They have cool designs for surfer-girls and summer-beach-lovers.

chez Monique
My beloved Balinese family. Wayan and Monik are the perfect couple. They have a beautiful studio for making silver jewelries and silver smith jewelries workshop, a shop for their designs on Jalan hanoman, and a sweet stall in ubud market
The silver workshop is a must!
Make sure you give them a huge hug from me!
Chez Monique Jewelry 
Custom Design & Classes
Dewi Sita, Ubud 80571, Bali
*Classes located at Sriwedari 57 Taman Kaja, Ubud.
alona's jewelry
Beautiful Balinese designs. Not cheap. But in compare to jewelries back home, it's really ok to buy something so special. I liked the most the designs with the silver and gold. 
Monkey Forest Street, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
3 studios that has few stors in ubud. From chakras to pearls and designs we all LOVE!
Kapal luat
studio peark

Hub in ubud
A special place. It's a co-working space made out of bungalow. Sits on a rice paddies view. A lot of western people move to ubud, because its so amazing and bohemian. And most of them owns or work in an online bussines.
This place allows them to keep on working even from far.
You can pay monthly or even just for 24 hours in order to get things done.
Has a very strong and fast wifi, great coffee shop and nice food as well, and the best part -its open 24/7. So basically, there's no need to leave.
The working experience is so amazing you'll wish to have this place as your office (most people that live in ubud use that as their office).
A lot of people collaborate together and help each other, and even if you don't talk to anybody, you'll be so inspired and productive.
Jalan monkey forest, not far from the monkey forest itself.

 Getting spoiled
Nails saloon
Nail spa Bali
After 4 month in the east I couldn't ask for a better Menicure&pedicure. For real, I came for more and bright my friends. Several times.
Clean and perfect. They have OPI and gel polish as well!
Bali ethnic
Cheap and good. Clean and simple. Don't need more then that.
Dont be confused, you are in the right place. Between the posters you'll have to go up the stairs, use the map or call them and look for the sign.
After the massage take a hot shower on the roof with the moon light.
One of the best showers I had so far.
Jalan raya ubud

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