Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I've never thought about diving, if to be correct, I was quit scared from the underwater world and its weird creachers. When I arrived in Andaman Islands, I started considering that, but still, was too lazy by this slow Indian vibe. So I decided that at my next destination which contain the perfect diving terms, I'll do my open water course.
Obviously, Malaysia was just perfect for that.

I typed in google "diving in Malaysia" and the Name Sipadan pops up, as the top 5 diving place in the entire world, by its beauty. As the person I am, I use to go big or go home, in this case, there's no way I'm going home.
"I'm gonna dive this place!" I said to myself... (Out loud... With one hand raised as Napoleon did when he entered Arc de Triumph)

I started checking out how can I dive this place.
It wasn't obvious because its not an island people stay on. Actually, only 120 people allowed to go there each day, include divers, snorkelers and the guiding stuff.
That's the reason most places were fully booked.
The period of time I had before my flight to Malaysia wasn't really long. And most places were fully booked till October.
So I searched the net, deeply, and found the only budget place in Mabul island.. and guess what... They are the only ones that have certificates in a short notice!

So let me spare you 2 weeks of research, googles, emails, questions ect.
And let's dive Sipadan!

Where should I go? And how?!
In order to dive this beautiful place you'll have to take a flight to Sabah, which is a country in Borneo, the eastern island of Malaysia.
In Sabah, I'll recommend to land in Tawau. The closest airport to Sempurna.
Highly recommend to book a shuttle from the dive shop you'll attend and a driver will pick you up from Tawau Airport, and drop you off at the dive shop office in Sempurna.

Where to stay?
In Sempurna there are all the diving shops offices.
Its a port-town which you can stay there cheaply and take the boat from there to mabul island every morning, or stay on Mabul island.
The cheaper options in Sempurna is the Scuba Junkie lodge.
Mabul island it's kind of paradise. The white send, the Crystal clear turquoise water, sea gypsies, few fancy resorts and one budget place which is clean, beautiful, and feels like a family.
Uncle Chang.
There you'll get 4 people dorms (25-30$) or privet rooms, and a full buffet of breakfast lunch dinner and all day coffee and tea. The stuff is amazing, professional and welcoming.
(There's an option to take a 10 people dorms in Scuba junkie but its more expansive then uncle Chang's 4 people dorms)
 * If you get to Sempurna after 16:00-15:00 and you're willing to go to mabul, you'll probably have to spend the night in Sempurna (or if your flight back is early in the morning)

So what did we had till now?!
There's SIPADAN, people can't stay there, and when you dive there, u get there by a 20 minutes boat ride boat from-
MABUL island, option A for accommodation. There's where all the dive shops are, and where your dives or courses will leave from. In mabul island you'll probably stay on the turquoise water,
You'll get to mabul by a boat from-
SEMPURNA , the port town in land. Option B for accommodation, there's 2 budget places that are cheaper then mabul island, but most of the hotels are same prices.. And if you'll ask me, the view and vibe in mabul island is worthwhile. In Sempurna There are also all the dive shops offices, where you arrive, pay, and get the boat to mabul.
To Sempurna you get by a taxi or shuttle booked by your dive shop from TAWAU airport, SABAH, BORNEO.

There's a beautiful sea-gypsies market in Mabul island.
You can also buy some fresh fish or other sea-fruits and the cooks in uncle Chang would love to cook it for you.
Good coffee, food and pool table in the scuba junky restaurant in Sempurna.

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