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After 3 months in India&Andaman islands, my lovely mom came to visit me. The plan was to meet her in Sri Lanka and to have together a Yoga&Meditation retreat.
The group and the yoga teacher came all the way from Israel and I've joined them from India.
So basically my first part about Sri Lanka will be for the ones who want to spoil themselves in beautiful fancy resorts and touristic spots.

 I've landed in Colombo international airport and a driver with a fancy car was there, waiting for me with a sign that said "Miss Amber Houbara". He dropped me in a guest house I've never seen before. It was located right on Negombo's beach. With beautiful, clean, well-designed rooms. With hot shower, towels, clean sheets, free water, garden table outside and a magical garden on the beach side. In the restaurant, the Swedish owner makes her own special muesli bland and the taste is Devine.
The beach is quit and beautiful.
Icebear guesthouse

If you're already there, check out the fish market in kammala.

Kandy & Huna's falls -
The first destination was Huna's falls. We staid in an amazing resort placed on the mountains. The beautiful sunsets and green view are seen from bed and the food is a great. With big big rooms and a swimming pool, with wide gardens and even a bar, you will never be board.
From the resort you can take a green small track into the woods, between the Malaysia trees, to reach Huna's foaming waterfalls.
Hunna's falls by Amaya

From the resort we took a short drive to Kandy. We went to see the 'Temple of the tooth'. The temple that holds, no less then the tooth of Buddha itself. If you ask me, it's a beautiful temple, but I wouldn't drive hours especially to see it.
Kandy, they say, it's a sweet city.. I had a couple of hours looking for some nice stalls in the market and those beautiful Sri Lankan jewelries. I'm sorry my friends cause I couldn't. The shops are expansively-for-tourists, and the market is full of crap.
Though there was one great coffee shop right in front of the temple. And good coffee in Sri Lanka is a big deal. The fact is the Sri Lankan coffee beans are really good because of the perfect climate, but the problem is that they don't know how to make a simple espresso. So when you find one, hunt it!
Natural coffee
No. 5 Temple street, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka.

Habarana is a beautiful area full of wildlife and great views.
Amazing place to stay is Caaya village resort, which seats on the amazing Habarana lake. This resort offers wide comfy suits, a view pool to the lake, incredible open air dining room and bar,  huge grass area that contain tree-houses, stages, bunches, lots of animals spices and more...
Perfect for an early morning yoga session, then jumping into to the pool for a swim and wipe yourselves strait to breakfast.
Caaya village resort

Great place to explore the wildlife in the area will be the Minnerya-Giritale Sanctuary. Go hire a jeep and watch the animals in their nature environment.

As I already introduce myself, I hate those touristic places everybody goes and take photos... But, in Habarana there's one place I would say go without thinking twice.
"The lion rock". This place was created by a volcano that surrounded it. The volcano is long gone, but the huge rock is here for many years. Its a massive column of rock of almost 200 meters.
On the historic point of view, it's been the new capital of king Kasyapa while he was fighting against his brother for the crown.
Half way up you will notice the beautiful shape of the lion legs hewn stone.
When you will finely reach the top you'll find a phenomenal panoramic view.

Wadduwa -
One thing the Sri Lankan people is really proud at, and the number-one-tourist-trap in Sri Lanka in the Ayurveda herbs/massage/medicine/or-any-other-thing-they-can-do-make-or-sell-by-the-Ayurveda-name.
Ayurveda alternative medicine or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of Hindu traditional medicine came from south India and the Sri Lankan people took advantage of the similar climate to grow those healthy plantations.
There's a lot of cheap stinky massages and healers and sometimes it's really confusing to find who's real and who's not, but let me help you to find one fancy beautiful place to get some real Ayurvedic treatments.
Sidhaleppa Ayurveda it's an amazing resort with a privet beach, amazing Ayurveda treatments and even yoga lessons every Wednesday morning by the pool. On the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet between the western food you can find Eastern food by the Ayurveda diet, and even sushi (at lunch).
You can purchase a full day, 3 days or more to enjoy a full buffet meals, Ayurveda doctor appointments and massages/any treatment related to your problem. If you ask me, a full day is more then enough. They will try to sell you the whole package, but it's really not necessary.
Sidhaleppa Ayurveda resort


Kalutara -
If to be honest, there's not much to see in this place except its wonderful beach. Kalutara is the perfect place to book a resort with a privet beach and luxury facility and just chill. I found it in Avani Kalutara. Avani it's a worldwide resorts brand which has this beautiful resort on a piece of land coming out of the island straight into the ocean and devide between the black river to the lakdiv sea.  You can spend your day eating an amazing breakfast, chillin by the pool, having a great massage in the spa, Enjoing the sunset on the beach and the evening culture schedule such as cocktail on the black river or local music shows... The incredible stuff will do everything to make u happy and satisfied such as cooking special food for special diet.
Avani Kalutara resort

In conclusion, if u're looking for a beautiful place to have a taste from the Far East and to feel fancy without selling your kidney on e-bay... Sri Lanka is a very recommended place to do so.
More places I've heard about and didn't had the time to visit were-
Ella,  The mysterious forest monastery of Ritigala, Adam's peak and Arugam bay.

The guy that created this wonderful yoga meditation trip is Eyal Avavi the owner of "YOGA-TRAVELS" you can find them here -

And the most beautiful soul, that thought me so much -about yoga, about meditation, about life and about friendship - the yoga teacher - Orit Ophir
You can find her here

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