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Most people go to Kuala Lumpur AKA KL, when they are on-the-way-to-somewhere, because it is really cheap to fly through this huge city. But some would like to stay in the "KLUNG VALLY" for a week or more.
So if you're here for a short visit, or if you actually came to explore this big-cool-progress-eastern-metropolis
-here is a short guid which will give u the most unexpected-but-super-satisfying-places to do what feels good!
(And if you are a backpacker, who came from far remote places, to spoil yourself a little..)

I think that the coolest place to stay is china town. It's colorful during the day and lots of bars cafes and restaurants are open till late. It's also very easy to get anywhere from there by underground station "Pasar seni".
I staied at a nice cheap hotel called china town inn. There's standart, cheap and decent rooms and even suits if you want to get spoiled. For backpacers who like hostels I'd recommend to go to "the reggae pub" which is a bar and a hostel.

Kl is full of malls, seriously, there's more malls in that city then citizens (in my eyes...), But malls we do have at home... In order to make the coolest-shopping-and-in-a-fare-(for imported goods...)-price, the central market will do!
Jewelries, accessories, home wear, food, groceries, fabrics, clothing -they have it all from all over the Far East. So if u didn't had the time to go to those countries, you can still eat some dumpling from china, buy saroongs from Indonesia, try some Tibetan jewelries and purchase some pashminas from Kashmir.
Central market

We all love art, but sometimes, when we're on a short visit or even if we are tiered of big Museums, it's nice to have modern art galleries. And who-if-not-me will send you to one of those unexpected-underground-uniq galleries.
It is in the middle of nowhere so in order not to get lost you would probably like to take a taxi, or at least to draw a map before you go out of wifi.
There's a small sign outside and you'll have to ring at the door. They will send you to the upper floor.
Wei Ling Gallery
8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 11am-7pm
Saturdays 10am-5pm
Sundays by appointment

If u would like to spoil yourself with the coolest home wear in the city, check out my-Malay-friend's project! This is the best-home-wear-collection-online-shop I've even seen. And the prices are really friendly!

My number one recommended restaurant will be the fabulous-fancy-yummy Jogoya. Thank you Zohar, my Malay friend to tell me about this Japanese buffet!
Name it -they serve it! From sushi, sashimi, dim-sam, pork, meat, and even pasta... They have it all! Include a whole section of desserts, homemade ice cream, drinks -cold/hot and alcohol...
Till you'll drop out of your chair and say "I can't eat anymore!!!"
Jogoya Japanese buffet

If you are not in the mood for a big dinner celebration and you're modest with having your few rolls of sushi, here is a very good and not expansive sushi restaurant at plaza low yat
Sushi zinmai

Quality jazz show almost every night. The best underground fresh and cool jazz bar in town. A good drink and good music is defiantly the perfect finale for a busy long day.
No black tie

In the same street-
    #Co-working space if u need some web-work get done...
Pepper and toast

    #Cool Restorant & bar
Palate palette

If you're more like party hard...
Check out resident advisor, my nightlife bible, to see if there's a cool party going on...

Never get lost!

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