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Sumbawa, or should I say SUMBAWA-DISE
or should I say SUMBAWA-DISE
Why?! Well, I guess the pictures can speak for themselves.
But I'll give you my own true story about Sumbawa.
When I had my vision about my adventures in Indonesia, I had a dream-
I saw a small house, in between green green trees, on a remote beach. In between two of the trees, there's a ratchet hanged out, as a slack-line of course. The waves are perfect, for me and for him, my hot surfer lover, and the kitchen is full of veggies and tropical fruits. We surf, twice a day, we do some slack-line and yoga, we cook together, we make love.
My perfect Indo-Dream.

I couldn't find any slack line or a hot surfer lover, but in Sumbawa I found a beautiful small house in between the remote jungle to the crystal-clear-turquoise-ocean and perfect waves for me (and for pros)
I got to Sumbawa after Bali and lombok, which I really liked, but any of them were remote enough for me as SUMBAWADISE,
So if you're up for an adventure, for crazy waves and some quite and a peace of mind....
Sumbawa will knock ya off ya feet


because of the famous surf spot called Yoyo's, 
There's not many accommodation there, but this is exactly what we are looking for when we go on an adventure. If to be honest, I came there without booking any accommodation and I almost ended up without a place to lay my head. Lucky I have karma by my side and I found an amazing apartment at yoyos hotel. But if your less spontaneous and want to make sure you have a room just make sure to book in advance.
There are accommodation for all levels prices, and vibes.

a beautiful place with one of the cheapest rates for a room just as few minutes walk to Yoyo's spot.
Hippie surfers popping beers after the surf, watching the sunset, playing a guitar on the soft sand to the moonlight, and inhale nature at its best. The food is great, and cheap(!) and they make sure to get all the fruits we all love (probably because of the climate in Sumbawa, there are not always as many fruits as on other islands..)

Yoyo's Hotel
the most diverse hotel on the island, from the "surf camp" which has small cheap dorms with an air-con and a shared bathroom and a shared space with a satellite tv and DVDs
-to small sweet suites with air-con, satellite tv, balconies and hot shower, and even - apartments for long long term.
This place at first glance looks like sort of a ranch, wide grassy area with horses and cows running around, a big restaurant and bar on the beach overlooking the spectacular sunset.
They have great food (not so cheap though), breakfast is cheap for the hotel guests (or included), They have a good coffee in a French press as well.
 they have a satellite TV so when there are Aussie league sport games, all Aussies are gathering for a big night.

BAHA-BAHA Surf Villas
Its all about the girlfriend at BAHA-BAHA
The big beautiful Yoga and surf resort.
Well, Its not a secret theres a lot of couples traveling to surfers destinations just because the guy is a great surfer, who wants to get his injection of many remote waves, It doesn't means the girl should be waiting on the shore bored.
This time, Its all about the LADIES.
No more boring days walking on the beach and watching the surf for 4 hours strait. My friends at BAHA-BAHA will make sure you get your desirable dream vacation with healthy food, yoga all around, huge swimming pool, massages, and spoiling bungalows. 

who needs the boys when you've got it all!?

Living the high life?! - Tropicals
Over the headline there's another spot, a mellower wave called Tropicals. There's a fancy resort right on the spot, they have boards, surf trips, fancy rooms, and a skateboard ramp.

Need a healthy fix?!

Lisa’s Garden
Lisa is a half Lombok half Balinese surfer, she and her Aussie boyfriend Justin opened this beautiful shack of goodness so everyone can nourish themselves before and after the surf.
Lisa is the greatest cook and she will make sure everything you get will be as fresh as possible even if it means she needs to go back and forth to Lombok or bali.
She will serve you the healthiest breakfast includes fruits and yogurt, weetbix, all bran and fitness cereals (which is almost impossible to get on the island) vegetarian huge breakfasts with fresh salads and eggs, special meals like burritos, Indonesian dishes with a healthy fine touch, amazing smoothies and the best coffee you can get around. 
Definatly a must. the prices are fare and you can always check the “cheaper options” on the menu.

Need a local cheap fix!?

Just on the way from yoyo’s beach towards the little town Sekonkan there’s a local waroong which serves "Padeng style" food (an Indonesian famous buffet which serves all sorts of indo-favorite dishes, in big bowls behind a vitrine window).
The amazing family will welcome you with the nicest service.
Indra, which his photos are all over the walls, is a local legend of spearfishing, and a very good friend.
You can also rent a snorkelling equipment over there.
The food is amazing and cheap cheap cheap, Don't forget to try a juice they are Devine!

The surf
One of my friends who's lived on the island for a few years now. Richard is an Aussie who works on the mine there. He is an old-school surfer, and actually the first knee-border I've ever met. This legend knows the island like the palm of his hand. I was fortunate to have a Sunday funday checking almost all the spots!
When it comes to Sumbawa's surf, this legend knows best.
This is Sumbawa's spots according to him.

Long right hander with three main peaks known as the wedge, the middle and the hook.  Works best on a medium to high tide.  Can handle 2 to 6 ft and off shore most mornings.  Long rides when the middle and the hook join up 100m+.  Subject to swell from the Indian Ocean, best months are February to October, with a south west swell and easterly winds.  Medium surf skill required.

Mechanical left hander works on all tides and can handle a range of 2-5ft with a south west swell and easterly winds,  Good all year round with a south west swell and easterly winds.  20M-40M section that is fun and challenging depending on the conditions.  Inside section works on mid tide with good little sucky coverups at times.  Basic to medium surf skill required.

Pipeline of Sumbawa.  World reknown wave that has awesome barrels at 2-6ft range.  Generally crowded at 4ft+ with 40-50 surfers in the water at any one time.  Best between May and October and surf on a medium ingoing or outgoing tide.  Never surf on low tide as you will find the devastatingly sharp reef flensing flesh from your torso, head and limbs.  Works only on a westerly swell and best on a south west wind.  Skill level medium to advanced particularly on large days. 

Pipeline or Swiss
rarely surfed wave about 10km south of Tropicals near Newmonts Mining company’s seawater intake pipeline.  Works all year round, but long paddle and prickly reef means that very few people surf it.  Large lumpy wave with good rides, awesome end section on the odd occasion (rare but bowl like), and big fat peaks out the back.  Works on south west swell and easterly winds.  Can handle 2-10ft.  Adventurous surfers only (but all grades can surf on smaller days).    

Scar reef
World reknown wave that has awesome barrels at 4-15ft range.  Generally less crowded these days as most surfers visit Sumbawa to surf Yoyos or Supersucks.  Best between April and October and surf on a medium to high tide.  Never surf on low tide the most surfing related deaths have occurred at this break (1 recorded in 2014, but a number of drownings in the past).  Works only on a large south west to westerly swell and best on a south west wind.  Skill level medium to advanced particularly on large days.

Little Bingham
Generally less crowded these days as most surfers visit Sumbawa to surf Yoyos or Supersucks.  Best between April and October and surf on a medium tide. Good between the 2-5ft range low tide is a challenge but can produce some nice barrels. Skill level basic to advanced particularly on larger days on low tide.  A favourite with the local kids.

And... As always...

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