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Lombok ho Lombok...
A good getaway from Bali's crowd.
while the north island of Lombok is getting more and more touristy like Bali, The south side sims to be way more laid back.
Kuta Lombok (the other Kuta...),
is exactly the opposite of Kuta Bali-
The nature is wilder, the nightlife is much more easy going, and its location, which is right in the middle of all surf spots, makes it to be a SURFERS PARADISE.
Green green hills and roads, turquoise-Crystal-clear water, lots of waves, remote beaches, Bintangs, great food and coffee, hot surfers and hot chicks in bikini...
What else would you want?
Just lay back and how the locals say -
("Chillin on the beach")

- Astari -
it's a shanty restaurant and cafe with yoga classes located on the hill, overlooking the coast line of Kuta Lombok.
It's not the cheapest but the view and amazing fresh coffee make it worthwhile for sunset.
*Don't forget to check out their toilets*

- Coffee house -
on the way from town to Astari or Selong Balanak, on the corner.
They have the best muesli and cheapest (but very good) coffee in town.
COFFEE HOUSE on TripAdvisor

- Papaya waroong -
it's not the actual name of this waroong but this is how we called it.
It's located just as the main road starts to curve, it's a bamboo waroong with a cool rasta dude.
They make good value pizza and hamburgers.

- Waroong java -
Good, cheap local food and Awesome juices.
If you're a local food chaser you'll love it for sure.

- Coffee DJ corner -
Good cold coffee, on the corner in front of lombok barrel surf shop.

- Nana's -
avocado-chocolate smoothie!
for all the AVO-CHOC-SMOTHIE lovers out there (she can add banana as well), it's also the only good mango smoothie I found in town.
They have great local food as well.
The vibe is so nice and laid back you'll find yourself coming back every day.
NANA'S on TripAdvisor

- Mario's waroong -
further up the road, when you pass nana's and turn right, there's a big waroong with a Mario painting (yea yea the oldschool computer game Mario).
There BBQ's a worthwhile.

- The waroong on the corner at the beach front -
the best and biggest gado gado. For the Gado lovers.
(They have some western food as well, but i was too interested in the gado gado salad so I'm not sure how it tastes)

- Drop in -
On the way to gurupuk, on the left hand side, there's a small German cafe.
It's a beautiful house designed by the German owner They do the healthy trendy goodness (not cheap but worth it) Lately, so I’ve heard, they have built some bungalows out the back.
DROP IN on Facebook

- Turtle Waroong Tanjunaan beach when you go to Tanjunaan -
you'll probably see the waroong when you park in Tanjunaan beach.
Beautiful, Local and cheap.

Local Beach Boys, Long-legs-blond-hair Scandinavian girls and boards.

- Beach Bar -
nice surfers vibe, live gigs, and Bintangs

- Lombok barrel -
Ozi's surf shop (He is not an Assie but a good local guy to know)…
He will take good care of you.
boards, lessons, good vibes.
They also opened a bar in their nice and easy yard.
Lombok Barrel on Facebook

- Banana homestay & surf shop -
The best homestay in my eyes.
Marley, my friend, will set you up with what ever u need.
When I was there, they had only started building the surf shop in the front, but from what I’ve heard there’s lots of things going on.
Everyone is chilling, surfing, and hanging together.
They rent bikes as well.

- Kimen Surf Shop -
My very best friend on the island, Cheng, which was working at banana homestay is now chilling and working at this wicked surf shop, from what I've seen online, theres a lot going on there those days...
make sure to send my love to Cheng, the Concierge of the island, and feel free to ask him for what ever you want, he will find you anything you desire!

One of the longest left hand barrels in the world.
It's only for experienced surfers as the reef is very unforgiving.
Best on low tide.
There's a nice beginners wave on high tide on the right hand side.

Ekkas has two waves inside and outside both lefts insides needs a decent swell to start working (super fun wave). If insides is working outsides is pumping out heavy barrels experienced surfers only.

45 minutes drive, west from Kuta bay, you will have to take a boat in order to get to the surf.

Great wave.
Unfortunately very crowded.

Great intermediate/experienced wave

Great for beginners, but crowded as well.
Needs a decent swell to start working .

Left and right 45 mins east of Kuta.
Known more for the left as it is capable of holding up in massive swells.
Strong current and sharp reef.
Definatly good waves to be had.

Right and left handers The left is more mellow, better for beginners-intermidiates.
The right will be better and bigger so its suitable for intermediate.
Lots of sharp reef so be careful.

Super fun right hander with occasional barrels to be had.
Long paddle out but well worth it, gets crowded.
Inside section on high tide is perfect for beginners.

perfect for surfers that have never surfed before.

- For Beginners who never surfed in their lives -
Selung Belanak is the spot to start with a foam/long board and catch your first waves.
- For Beginners who surfed already -
Don dons is definatley the spot when it's working. When it's small, surfing other spot’s shoulders is fun.

Get to know the locals.
If you do surf secret spots its best to have a local with you.
The locals don't like tourists surfing the unknown, become friends with them and your sweet!

When there's no surf...

- Go chill in the beautiful Selong Belanak -
This beach is so beautiful definatley worth the trip, one hour of breathtaking views by scooter.
Highly recommended.

- Go watch the sunset from Segar mountain -
But if you want less crowd go to the higher mount closer to the wired concrete structure.

- Living the high life? -
Cocktails 1+1 before sunset at the fancy Novotel resort
(They also have all you can eat night but I don’t really know the details…)

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